Casey Martin

HEIGHT: 6’0” / 182.88 cm
WEIGHT: 205 LBS. / 93.07 Kg

EFT (Elbow to Fingertips): 0

Casey Martin

HEIGHT: 6’0”


HOMETOWN: Jacksonville, Florida
RIVALRIES: Beth Westberry Dukes & Nicole Cisco
HOBBIES: "I collect watches and guns, I love to sleep, and what woman can’t say shopping."
FAVORITE TRAINING TECHNIQUE: "Weight training, Table Time, and while at work, I change all the beer kegs so I get a little extra."
WAL TITLES: 2015 WAL Regionals Finalists Southern Division: Left-handed 2nd place.
INTERESTING FACT OR EXPERIENCE THAT HELPED SHAPE LIFE: "My very first tournament was in Miami, FL in 2002 for a GNC Qualifier, only had myself, Beth and Tonya Todd in my class. I thought to myself there is no way I can lose to Tonya who normally pulls in the 50kg class and I pull in the 80+kg class. I proved wrong and I learned NEVER underestimate anyone especially by their size. Never again will I size up my opponent by just looks!"
UNIQUE FACT: "One thing everyone notices is my height… 6’ tall and I own it! I’m very comfortable with myself and have no shame in taking it up a few more inches with some heels."
MOTTO: What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger!
BIGGEST ARMWRESTLING ACCOMPLISHMENT: "Training with Beth and the two of us knowing our strengths and weaknesses to the point every tournament we went to it was pointless to even pull till one year I decided to stay away from her at practice and try my best to not be friendly with my best friend till that one day I got my victory."
FAVORITE ARMWRESTLING MEMORY: "First and foremost as Beth has been my training partner from day one, and we always meet at the table no matter what. The last tournament we pulled each other was USAF Nationals in Billings Montana in 2010 which was the day I finally beat Beth and my dad, Dan Martin, was there screaming for me showing his support."
BEST ADVICE RECEIVED: "Everyone that has ever given me advice has been the best and I have taken it to heart and used it! Mrs. Karen Bean taught me something when I first started pulling and to this day I still use it! I hope to continue to have the best advice given to me so I can only better myself."
BIGGEST OBSTACLE FACED AND OVERCAME: "In 2010 I lost my fiancé to a heart attack and decided to take time off from the sport and focus on myself. After 4 years I decided to show up to the WAL Vegas Regionals event to see if I had any interest in the sport still. I entered the competition without even thinking twice to only dominate and take 2nd place left handed. I knew it was time to hit the gym and start training again for the sport that I will always love and have in my blood no matter what."

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