Billy Weis

HEIGHT: 6’6” / 198.12 cm
WEIGHT: 303 LBS. / 137.562 Kg
OCCUPATION: Heavy Equipment Operator

EFT (Elbow to Fingertips): 0

Billy Weis

HEIGHT: 6’6”


HOMETOWN:  Glenwood, Iowa
RIVALRIES: "Anybody on the other side of the table."
YEARS COMPETING IN THE SPORT: "I have been back in it for 6 months after being out."
FAMILY: Weis has a longtime girlfriend, Kelly and 6 kids ranging in ages from 18 years to 10 months.
HOBBIES: Armwrestling and riding his Yamaha Vulcan.
FAVORITE TRAINING TECHNIQUE: Armwrestling - over and over and over.
EMPLOYMENT: Heavy Equipment Operator for TAB Construction
INTERESTING FACT OR EXPERIENCE THAT HELPED SHAPE LIFE: “My 1st match was when I was about 18 years old. I was on crutches and saw a sign on a bar for armwrestling. My mom had to sign a permission slip for me to participate. I lost, of course, but I stuck with it and got pretty good. I got away from the sport for about 10 years and have only been back in it for about 6 months. I pulled in Kansas City in April and now I am at the Vegas Finals. It’s been awesome coming back.”
UNIQUE FACT:  “I’m probably the biggest mama’s boy you’ve met. I love you, Mom!”
MOTTO:  It’s never too late.

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