Bill Sinks

NICKNAME: The Marathon Man
HEIGHT: 6’0” / 182.88 cm
WEIGHT: 202 LBS. / 91.708 Kg
OCCUPATION: Contractor

Record: 7-9
Hometown: Weybridge ,Vermont
Favorite Technique: “Strap Master”
Rivalries: Chad Silvers, Mike Selearis, Jason Vale, Todd Hutchins
EFT (Elbow to Fingertips): 0

About Bill Sinks


HOMETOWN: Weybridge, Vermont


RIVALRIES: Chad Silvers, Mike Selearis, Jason Vale, Todd Hutchins 


FAMILY: Bill is married and has 2 kids

WAL TITLES: WAL 2014 Finalist, WAL 2015 Northern Regional Finalist

EMPLOYMENT: General Contractor and a volunteer Fire Chief

HOBBIES: Armwrestling, playing drums

FAVORITE TRAINING TECHNIQUE: “Pull and pull some more!”

INTERESTING FACT OR EXPERIENCE THAT HELPED SHAPE LIFE: Sinks says he “may have rivalries, but no enemies in this sport called armwrestling.”

MOTTO: “Life is too short, live every day to its fullest.”
Like many WAL athletes, Bill started armwrestling for fun as a kid on school lunch tables, he explains “we didn't call it pulling back then but we had a great time competing against each other, I continued having fun with it until I was 27 until I met a real armwrestler for the first time, Kent Damore, from Mchenry IL. I was actually interviewing him for a job in my construction company and we got on the subject. We then pulled on my office desk, I couldn't beat him, but he said I felt strong. That experience encouraged me to seek out a tournament and when I found a local tournament in my area I was excited to go.” For Bill, his first tournament was an eye opener as he went up against the multi-time world champion Bill Ballinger and got crushed. However, the tournament was a success for Bill as he managed third place. “After that, I found out where the next local tournament was and placed second, I then started winning and went on to win my next seven tournaments in a row, I was hooked” he says. Despite his early success Bill knew that win or lose, he had found a sport for him, he progressed in the sport and went on to win hundreds of titles over the next 30 plus years “I still love it just as much as the very first day professionally competing,” he says.
Known as “The Marathon Man” Today Bill still competes at the top level with WAL and he also works as a coach to male and female pullers all over the Northeast and Midwest.

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