Allen Fisher

NICKNAME: Mr. Intensity
HEIGHT: 5’10” / 177.8 cm
WEIGHT: 165 LBS. / 74.91 Kg
OCCUPATION: Marketing Director

EFT (Elbow to Fingertips): 0

Allen Fisher

NICKNAME: Mr. Intensity

HEIGHT: 5’10”




RIVALRIES: Dave Patton, Cobra Rhodes, Paul Talbott

WAL TITLES: WAL 2014 2nd Place Right-hand; WAL 2015 Western Region: 1st Place Right-hand, 4th Place Left-hand; WAL 2015 Lightweight Championships Finalist 

Allen Fisher grew up with a club foot in California’s San Fernando Valley, unable to run or take part in other sports like the rest of the kids. He practically grew up at the beach and loved swimming in the Pacific. His foot problem seemed to fade out there, and he worked with what God gave him. He focused on using his upper body to swim, and those waters honed and trained Fisher’s chest, back, and arms. Then Fisher saw his first armwrestling table and got to work.

Sure enough, the hard times decreased as his hard work increased, and today the 59-year-old has scores of titles from throughout the country and the world under his belt after 35 years in the sport. The married father of two grown children first pulled in August 1979. By December of that same year, he was a title holder. 59 years young, Allen Fisher holds 27 World Championships, 1 International title, 40 National titles, The Sylvester Stallone and Over the Top World Championships.  Known for his insane intensity and passion on the table, he’s an icon in the sport.

He finds ways to give back and spread the sport, often heading into California jails and prisons to school inmates on the sport he loves.

A marketing director of a national company during his non-pulling time, Fisher has watched the sport’s popularity bloom over three and a half decades.

He reckons he’s got plenty more pulls at the table left in him.

“It’s one-on-one,” Fisher says of why he loves the sport. “You’re challenging your opponent, like a gladiator, without all the blood and guts.”

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