Alan Guerra

NICKNAME: War Machine
HEIGHT: 5’11” / 180.34 cm
WEIGHT: 195 LBS. / 88.53 Kg
OCCUPATION: Robotics Engineer

Record: 18-8
Hometown: Monterrey, Nuevo León
Favorite Technique: Hand control
Rivalries: Quinlan Mendez, Dan Mosier, Mike Selearis
EFT (Elbow to Fingertips): 20inches/50.8cm

2014 – WAL Championships Las Vegas - 2nd Place Right Hand.  
2015 – WAL Western Regional – Middleweight -  2nd Place Right Hand
2015 - WAL Championship Las Vegas – Middleweight - 4th Place Right Hand 

About Alan Guerra
About Alan Guerra

Guerra started pulling when he was 23 years old, When asked about his armwrestling journey, he explains “I always loved strength sports, so when I was in high school I started to look into armwrestling and I didn´t find much, so I decided to put a post out on social media asking if anyone knew anything related to the sport and I started to get introduced to armwrestlers from different universities and States in Mexico. I took the time to meet some of them and got introduced to a retired pro. I begged him to train me as I wanted to be the best in my country and without him I knew I couldn’t get there. I left him without any option and he agreed to start training me for a year. 5am gym sessions became normal and training and armwrestling became a way of living." With a lot of will power, constancy and discipline, Alan soon became one of the best armwrestlers in his city, state and country. But this was not enough for him, he wanted to test himself further and start to compete internationally. He entered into his first WAL tournament in 2014 and reached the final. Guerra attributes his success in the sport to his willpower and perseverance. According to Guerra, “’Till this day my goals are accomplished, because of my family and willpower, I am the most  complete and versatile armwrestler of my weight class.” Away from the table, Alan enjoys training, playing his guitar, going to movies, going to parties, and eating.

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